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Steve Young's Lamar Jackson Take Went Viral Last Night

Steve Young on the Red Carpet.

Steve Young feels Lamar Jackson is being "held back" by the Baltimore Ravens run-first offense.

During a recent appearance on ESPN, the Hall of Fame quarterback said Jackson could be "the greatest player in the history of the game" if the Ravens implemented a sophisticated pass game. 

“I can't wait for someone to train Lamar Jackson in a sophisticated passing game. I think he'd be the greatest player in the history of the game,” Young said. “But he keeps getting held back by the Ravens year after year because they keep doubling down on this [rushing] thing Lamar Jackson is great at."

Young took things a step further and said the Ravens will never be a championship-caliber team until they invest in a passing game led by Jackson.

"I want the full measure of who Lamar Jackson is, and it's not being brought forward by the Ravens," Young added.

Jackson is entering the final year of his rookie contract with the Ravens organization. As the start of the 2022 season quickly approaches, it appears the two sides will not get a deal done this year.

Earlier this offseason, the Ravens traded away Jackson's No. 1 wide receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown — further committing to their run-first offense.