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Look: Tee-Ball Player's Walk-Up Dance Is Going Viral

A pile of used baseballs in a dugout.

(Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images)

There are plenty of great walk-up songs in baseball, but there aren't many walk-up dances that take place at the plate. That changed this week because of a young tee-ball player.

As the youngster was walking to the plate, Big Pun's "Still Not a Player" was playing in the background. Clearly, the kid was a fan of the song. 

Before he stepped into the batter's box, he unleashed every dance move in the book. And then for good measure, he made solid contact with the baseball on his very first swing. 

Watching this tee-ball player get down to this classic song will truly liven up your day.

This video immediately went viral on Twitter, receiving the attention of Pat McAfee and several other media members. 

"I love it," McAfee tweeted. "I assume this dude is gonna be a problem for his parents, his teachers, and authority figures as a whole BUT.. I’m betting he’s gonna go on to become something SPECIAL. Keep enjoying life little fella."

This kid is already an internet sensation, and rightfully so.