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Teen Charged In Disturbing High School Basketball Incident

A generic picture of a basketball hoop.

PITTSBURGH, PA - MARCH 21: A view of the backboard, rim and net during the third round of the 2015 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament at Consol Energy Center on March 21, 2015 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, a disturbing report emerged from a high school basketball game in Massachusetts.

According to a report from Boston 25, a player is facing criminal charges after police say he punched a referee during a game. The name of the player has not been released as he's a minor.

The player will reportedly be called to testify at Quincy Juvenile Court on a charge of assault and battery.

Cohasset Public School Superintendent Patrick Sullivan said the student allegedly “sucker punched” the referee in the face.

Dan Leahy, a photographer at the game, detailed the events via Boston 25:

“Out of my peripheral I see a South Boston player coming over to the baseline, I assumed to take the ball out. In fact, he launched at an official and gave him a full nelson right to the side of the head. Which brought the ref down and he kept exercising a physical attack on this poor ref who was bent over and couldn’t defend himself,” said Leahy.

Jerleen John, the head of the school for the player in question said the student could face disciplinary action.

“Excel Boys Basketball Team member engaged in a physical altercation with a referee during a game against Cohasset,” John said in a statement. “School staff responded immediately, along with Cohasset police, to provide assistance and de-escalate the situation. The involved student could face disciplinary action.”

Hopefully the player learns from his mistake.