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Why A Texas Tech Fan Threw A Tortilla Onto The Court Tonight

A tortilla was thrown onto the court for Texas Tech vs. Virginia.

Texas Tech, for the first time in its history, is playing for a men's basketball national title on Monday night. It looks like a few Red Raiders fans decided to bring one of the school's traditions with them to Minneapolis.

With just a few minutes left in the first half, play had to be stopped because a fan - almost certainly from the Texas Tech section - threw a tortilla onto the court. Why? Well, it's a tradition for Red Raiders fans.

At football games, fans throw tortillas at kickoff. Apparently, it all started back in 1989.

According to, at a football game in 1989, Texas Tech offered a 44-ounce Coke with a lid on it. Fans started to throw the lids by the second half. At the next game, they chose tortillas instead - because they had the same shape. Here's more:

Chris Snead was a student when the "tortilla tossing" tradition began 24 years ago.

"They were flying all over the place in 1989," said Snead. "The concession stand offered a handled 44 oz. mug of Coca-Cola and it had a lid on it."

Snead said by the second half the lids started to fly.

"Consequently the next home game the lids were gone and the very next game after that the first tortillas started to fly."

They chose tortillas he said because they were round and flew like the lids did.

The weird thing - fans sneak them in the stadium however they can. It's unclear how the Red Raiders supporters got them in Monday night.

Virginia leads at halftime, 32-29. We imagine the tortilla party will be over if the Red Raiders don't turn it around in the second half.