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The Alliance of American Football League Is Being Sued

the alliance of american football league

The Alliance of American Football league is reportedly being sued by a man who claims the new football league was based on his idea.

The AAF, which debuted a couple of weeks ago, and its co-founder, Charlie Ebersol, are being sued in Los Angeles Superior Court by Robert Vanech, the co-founder and current CFO of Trebel Music, who claims to have a "handshake agreement" with Ebersol.

The man believes he should have 50 percent ownership of the league.

"In lawsuit against AAF and Charlie Ebersol, Robert Vanech -- who believed he had a "handshake agreement with Ebersol" said much of what he founded about the league was later credited to partner Bill Polian," Darren Rovell tweeted.

The AAF has since released a statement, saying the claim is without merit. "Mr. Vanech’s claim is without merit. There was never any agreement, oral or written, between Mr. Vanech and Mr. Ebersol relating to The Alliance." "We remain focused solely on our historic, inaugural season when each weekend over 400 players get an opportunity to showcase their talents and fulfill their dreams of playing professional football."

Ebersol claims to have come up with the idea for the league while working on the documentary, "This Was the XFL."

You can view full details of the lawsuit here.