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The Big Ten Has Tweeted For The Second Time In 19 Days

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren.

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MARCH 12: Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren speaks following the cancellation of the men's basketball tournament due to concerns over the Coronavirus (COVID-19) at Bankers Life Fieldhouse on March 12, 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

The Big Ten Conference hasn't been very active on social media since postponing all fall sports until 2021. In fact, the conference has tweeted just twice since officially announcing its decision.

The conference tweeted for the second time in 19 days on Sunday morning.

"Across the globe, the efforts of Big Ten students, alumni, faculty and staff have played a crucial role in protecting lives and fighting COVID-19," the Big Ten tweeted.

While the efforts by Big Ten students, alumni, faculty and staff are admirable and worthy of praise, the conference's football fans aren't loving the tweet.

"The Presidents and Kevin Warren are out of touch, and have taken years and years of outstanding leadership and destroyed the reputation of the league in just a few weeks," one fan tweeted.

"All you have done is destroyed the hopes and dreams of every student athlete who made the mistake putting their trust in the Big Ten. Absolutely nothing else was accomplished by your 'brave decision,'" another said.

"You’ve embarrassed the entire conference and set it back for years, please wake up soon, before it’s to late," one said.

Ultimately, this criticism is going to continue, especially if other conferences are able to play college football successfully.

It's going to be an interesting fall in Big Ten country.