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The SEC Could Reportedly Host Its Own College Football Playoff

A pylon with the SEC logo on it.

The SEC is reportedly considering something massive that would change the college football landscape in a big way.

Per ESPN's Pete Thamel, the SEC could stage its own College Football Playoff. It's apparently on the table as spring meetings are about to get underway.

Florida Athletic Director Scott Stricklin is a fan of considering this option since the SEC is the strongest conference in the country.

"We have an incredibly strong league, one that will be even stronger once Oklahoma and Texas join," Stricklin told Thamel. "The focus should be on how we as a league use that strength to further position the SEC as we face new realities. Commissioner Sankey has encouraged our athletic directors to think creatively, and an SEC-only playoff is a different idea that we should absolutely consider an option."

The biggest question would be how the rest of the conferences feel. Would the regular season be deemed meaningless? Would they feel cheated out of making the original CFP? 

It looks like everything is on the table heading into these meetings. 

We'll have to see if that conference playoff gains more steam as the week goes on.