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There's 1 Prevailing Thought On ESPN's "The Last Dance"

Michael Jordan in ESPN's The Last Dance.

ESPN's The Last Dance, the 10-part documentary on Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Chicago Bulls, aired its final episodes on Sunday evening.

The documentary was a smashing success. The TV ratings were monstrous and the episodes produced countless topics of discussion for the sports world (which was in major need of some content) throughout the week.

There's one prevailing thought on the documentary, though: It was incredibly entertaining, but also had some flaws and was clearly told through the eyes of Jordan.

That's OK - not everything needs to be hard, investigative journalism - but it's important to know that Jordan's point of view likely altered some of the "realities" told in the documentary.

"That was a deeply flawed documentary and I have like a hundred issues with it, it was immensely fun watching it with y'all, let's do it again next week," Spencer Hall tweeted.

"Last 20 minutes were really good. Kerr stuff was really good. Gus stuff was really good. I liked the focus on Scottie’s back, made me appreciate him more. The rest — I dunno I was hoping for a lil more new stuff. Still entertaining," Mike Prada tweeted.

"The Last Dance is very good. Well made, entertaining, and worthwhile watching. The Last Dance is also a very subjective portrait of one man who has full editorial control over how he is portrayed, making it essentially a 'puff piece' for MJ. Both of these statements are true," Chad Ryan tweeted.

ESPN's The Last Dance will be available for streaming on Netflix this summer.