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Tiger Woods Asked If He'll Withdraw From PGA Championship: Fans React

Tiger Woods wearing a pink Nike shirt.

It was a rough Saturday for Tiger Woods at the PGA Championship.

The 15-time major championship came into the third round wanting to go low, and left it shooting a 9-over-79; including one stretch of five consecutive bogeys.

At the end of the round, Tiger was asked if he'll be back for Sunday. To which he responded:

Well, I'm sore. I know that is for a fact. We'll do some work and see how it goes.

Woods' response got golf fans talking.

"Rest up for St. Andrews, my friend," one user replied.

"Watched him play all day today...just didn't look the part," tweeted journalist Arun Gopalakrishman. "One could sense he was hurting...and him admitting he is sore is just understating how his body must be feeling. Gotta feel for him."

"He’s playing golf that is the only thing that matters. He’s definitely not playing up to his standards, but he’s playing," another user said. "That’s a win. We all win when Tiger plays."

"Tiger do what’s best for you and your health.." another fan commented. "You don’t ever have to prove anything to anyone… you have give us so much over the years… please be safe!"

"Hope he’s able to play. The man is the essence of mental toughness."

"He needs to take the rest of the year off and heal....." advised another. "Love the determination, but not at the expense of your body."

Tiger was visibly laboring a bit this weekend, similar to the way he was in the final rounds of the Masters.