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Todd Bowles Reveals Buccaneers Plan At Center After Ryan Jensen Injury

NFL: JAN  11 Bucs Coaches Press Conference

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Pro-Bowl center Ryan Jensen is set to miss several months of the 2022 season after suffering a knee injury during training camp practice earlier this week.

In-house candidates Robert Hainsey and Nick Leverett quickly emerged as the favorites to replace Jensen at the center position. But on Saturday, head coach Todd Bowles left the door open for an outside move.

When asked if the Bucs will stick with a player already on the roster, Bowles had this to say:

“We’re not sure of anything yet,” Bowles said, per NBC Sports. “We’ve been in shorts and T-shirts. That will work itself out as training camp goes, and depending on how that works out, we’ll see if we go outside of the house or not.”

After identifying Hainsey and Leverett as the team's current options, Bowles shared a similar sentiment on Friday.

“There’s been discussions [about bringing in outside help], but not heavy discussions,” Bowles said. “We’ll see what’s out there and we’ll see what fits us. If we need to bring somebody in, we will.”

Jensen is expected to be out until at least November or December.