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Tom Brady Responds To Max Kellerman: NFL World Reacts

Bucs quarterback Tom Brady on Sunday afternoon.

Six years ago today, ESPN analyst Max Kellerman said Tom Brady was going to "fall off a cliff" in his NFL career.

"Tom Brady is just about done. It could be his next game he plays, it could be a year from now, but he is going to fall off a cliff," Kellerman said on First Take. "Tom Brady is going to be a bum in short order."

Since that day, Brady has claimed three Super Bowl titles. As a 44-year-old quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2021, he led the league in completions (485), passing yards (5,316) and passing touchdowns (43).

Brady took to Twitter to react to this old message from Kellerman on Thursday.

".@maxkellerman ratio + I have a swimwear line now," he wrote.

The NFL world took to Twitter to react to this response.

"40 year old troll I wanna be like this when I grow up," one fan wrote.

"Nah even tho I hate brady this type of sh-t makes me like him," another added.

"You’re about to play until 50 now aren’t you," another said.

After a brief retirement earlier this offseason, Brady announced his return to the NFL for another season in 2022.

It's fair to say the all-time great quarterback isn't falling off a cliff anytime soon.