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Transgender Cyclist Was Disqualified Days Before Her Race

General cycling photo

(Photo by Dean Mouhtaropoulos - Velo/Getty Images)

A British transgender cyclist has been ruled ineligible for an upcoming race.

Emily Bridges, a British transgender cyclist, has been told that she's ineligible for a race on April 2.

The Union Cycliste Internationale disqualified Bridges because she's currently registered as a male cyclist. The race on April 2 is in the women's division. Bridges has been undergoing hormone therapy since last year.

The decision was made after the British Cycling Transgender and Non-Binary Participation policy had previously ruled Bridges eligible.

"We acknowledge the decision of the UCI with regards to Emily's participation, however, we fully recognise her disappointment with today’s decision," British Cycling said in a statement.

"We believe all participants within our sport deserve more clarity and understanding around participation in elite competitions and we will continue to work with the UCI on both Emily's case and the wider situation with regards to this issue."

British Cycling is using this specific situation to further explore transgender athletes competing in cycling world.

"We also understand that in elite sports the concept of fairness is essential. For this reason, British Cycling is today calling for a coalition to share, learn and understand more about how we can achieve fairness in a way that maintains the dignity and respect of all athletes."