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Troy Aikman's Halloween Story Going Viral Today

A closeup of Troy Aikman.

GLENDALE, AZ - JANUARY 10: Troy Aikman attends the 2010 NFC wild-card playoff game between the Green Bay Packers the Arizona Cardinals at the Universtity of Phoenix Stadium on January 10, 2010 in Glendale, Arizona. The Cardinals defeated the Packers 51-45 in overtime. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

ESPN's Troy Aikman is going to be working this Halloween and will no doubt have plenty of stories to share when the Bengals take on the Browns. But he has apparently decided to tell his best story already.

On Friday, Paul Pabst of the Dan Patrick Show recounted a story from Aikman where he forgot to buy candy for trick-or-treaters after a Dallas Cowboys practice. So Aikman came up with another idea for when the kids came to visit him.

Aikman said that whenever the trick-or-treaters came to his house, he would sign trading cards for all of them. It was a memorable moment for the kids to be sure.

Ironically, the year after that, Aikman did remember to bring candy. But this time the kids that showed up wanted trading cards and were apparently bummed out to get candy.

"Wonder if the kids still have the signed cards and what they are worth," one user replied.

"I ate all of the candy my wife bought… maybe I’ll just sit on the front porch and sign stuff?!!" another user said. 

"Lucy "i got 3 pieces of candy" Pigpen "I got a Chocolate bar", Charlie Brown "I got Troy Aikman's autograph," another joked.

Those lucky kids from that one Halloween had a special night to be sure.