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UFC Fighter Bryce Mitchell Says He Accidentally Ripped His Scrotum In Half With A Power Drill

UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell speaking on camera.

There are gruesome injuries, and there is what happened to UFC fighter Bryce Mitchell. Today, Mitchell somehow managed to split his scrotum with a power drill.

Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Mitchell detailed his profound mishap on Twitter this afternoon in a note complete with the understated caption "imma be out for a little bit."

The details below are cringe-worthy for sure.

so i was gunna train today but i ripped my nutsack in half. im bout to get stitched up. i was holdn a board over my head with a drill n my pants. i was sizin up the board n the drill went off n tangled my nuts up n it. i dropped the board and reversed the drill and untangled my nutsack but they was ripped n half. im serious too lol. i obviously cant post a pic. but wen my nuts r seald back up ima come train again. i think a high kick would re rip them haha. and if i hear any shitty puns bout how this whole this is nutty or screwed up i aint talked to u for bout a month. if ure gunna drop a pun to make fun of me atleast put sum thot into lol

First of all, why and how are you allowing a power drill to be that close to your privates? That is a recipe for disaster, and one that can easily be avoided. Mitchell also shared a fairly graphic photo of the aftermath of his injury, though he mercifully left out what his damaged "nutsack" looks like.

My goodness.

Mitchell, a 23-year-old featherweight, is 10-0 in his pro MMA career. He will probably have that record for a little while, because he damn sure won't be fighting any time soon.