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Umpire Getting Crushed For What He Did In LLWS Last Night

Little League umpire interfering with a play.

Texas and Georgia played a thrilling elimination game in the Little League World Series last night. The kids from Peachtree City (Ga.) walked it off in nine innings.

However, as good as the game itself was, the final play is going viral for a not-so-great reason. It featured an umpire making a colossal, albeit incidental mistake.

With one out in the bottom of the ninth, Georgia had runners on first and third. The winning run was just 60 feet away when the batter lofted a fly ball toward the right field line.

Texas' right fielder came over and made a great play for the second out, but had to hesitate on throwing home to try to nail the runner from third base. The reason wny? The right field umpire got in his way.

Watch the play It is impossible to know for sure if the runner would have been out at the plate if the outfielder didn't have to avoid the ump, but it stinks to see the game end on a play where that happens.

I mean, the ump is a volunteer, and he definitely didn't mean to interfere with the player. There's no doubt it was unintentional.

However, you gotta get out of the way man. That's the entire season coming to an end on that play.

At the very least, duck sooner.