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Video: All-Time High School Football Blooper Is Going Viral

A closeup of two footballs on the grass.

EAST BERNARD, TEXAS - AUGUST 28: Footballs are seen on the turf before the high school football game between the East Bernard Brahmas and the Edna Cowboys on August 28, 2020 in East Bernard, Texas. (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

It's hard to be too hard on high school football players when they make a mistake given how young they are. But there are some mistakes that are so wild that it's impossible to not laugh.

On Friday, the Oscar Smith Tigers played against the Western Branch Bruins in a playoff battle of Virginia-based schools. The Tigers had won both games in the regular season, but it seemed as though their fate was sealed on the opening kickoff.

Oscar Smith received the opening kickoff, but the Western Branch kicker kicked it short and in-bounds. Rather than try to pick up the ball though, the Oscar Smith returner just let it sit there. Bad move.

Three Western Branch special teams players surrounded the ball but the first two did nothing. It wasn't until the third showed up and leapt on the ball that it was ruled a turnover. 

It's a rather basic rule of football that the ball is live after it passes 10 yards on the kickoff. As a result, the play is going viral with tons of fans having a laugh at both teams' expense:

That botched play wound up setting the tone for the entire game and preceded a 28-14 Western Branch win. 

As tough as it must be on the Oscar Smith players, that kickoff didn't decide the whole game. 

Hopefully nobody gets too broken up over it.