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Video Has Surfaced Of American Golfer Melting Down During The Open

Bryson DeChambaeu struggling on the course.

Golf is hard. It is a frustrating game, and it can be reassuring to see the pros struggle with it just like everyone else.

American golfer Bryson DeChambeau had a moment during The Open in Scotland last week. DeChambeau's meltdown was captured on camera, but the footage is just getting out.

It happened after the first round. DeChambeau was getting some extra swings in on the range, and he just couldn't get right.

Finally, after one bad rep, you see him drop to his knees in frustration. He can also be seen with his head in his hands leaning against a wall.

It isn't shown on the tape, but the announcers allude to DeChambeau having tossed his clubs down the fairway and needing to pick them up.

DeChambeau did recover to make the cut at The Open, where he finished tied for 51st overall. He is currently in the lead at the European Open at -10 through two rounds.

Good to see he was able to bounce back and regain his form.

DeChambeau is only 24, but he already has a pair of PGA Tour wins. He'll be fine in the long run.