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Video: Cyclist Has Terrifying Collision With Deer

Cyclist hits a deer.

Every now and then a video pops up on the internet and quickly goes viral for its insane content. That was the case once again when a cyclist was rocketing downhill when cameras caught a deer running across the road - what ensued, you can probably guess.

The video shows the cyclist heading downhill when a deer cuts across the street and right into the cyclist's front wheel. The cyclist ran right into the back of the deer, which acted as a ramp, sending the cyclist somersaulting through the air.

We could sit here and explain the video all day, but until you see it you can't really get the full scope.

Without further ado, here it is.

The lead cyclist - the one who shot the video - posted the video on YouTube and sent out the following caption:

"The end result is a shattered bicycle, some road rash, and a broken foot. You can see my back wheel in the video, we were both very lucky it wasn’t worse."

Luckily the incident didn't result in a worse injury for the cyclist and it appears the deer ran off without injury as well.

The old adage "you have to keep your head on a swivel" applies well here.