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Video: Joey Chestnut Takes Down Protestor During Competition

Joey Chestnut had to do it all during the National Hot Dog Eating Contest on Monday afternoon. 

A protestor got on stage while the contestants (including Chestnut) were eating their hot dogs and Chestnut took him down via a chokehold. 

Here's the video of it:

Chestnut also put that protestor in a chokehold while on crutches. 

He then won the event for the 15th time as he continues to prove that no one can beat him. 

This was the first time the event took place on Jul. 4 in two years. The COVID-19 pandemic put it on hiatus. 

The contest featured 28 people (16 men, 12 women) and Chestnut came into it having won 14 of the last 15 competitions.

His legend is still continuing to grow.