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Video: Kentucky Player's Reaction To Late Hit Is Going Viral

View from the corner of Kroger Field's end zone section during a Kentucky football game.

Kentucky defensive back Brandin Echols had a hilarious reaction to a late hit in Saturday's Gator Bowl matchup.

A North Carolina lineman shoved Echols well after the whistle in early in the third quarter. While the push was enough to draw a flag, the Wildcats corner certainly sold it far more than needed.

Echols flew to the ground face first and laid motionless for an exaggerated period of time. His teammates jokingly came to his aid, pretending to revive him.

Here's a

Lmaoooooo. Watch to the end.

— Chris Vannini 😷 (@ChrisVannini) January 2, 2021

">video of the antics:

There's no doubt that this hit by NC State was a result of boiled-over frustrations.

Halfway through the third quarter, the Wolfpack have still yet to put a single point on the board. With just one combined touchdown in the contest at the time of the foul, Kentucky led with a score of 13-0.

This unsportsmanlike call certainly wasn't a one-off event. Both teams have been charged with multiple penalties involving foul play.

If this score holds, it will be a bitter ending to an otherwise sweet season for NC State. The Wolfpack posted one of their best records in years, finishing the regular season at 8-3 and a No. 23 ranking.

Kentucky on the other hand has struggled all year. In 2020's unprecedented season, the Wildcats became one of multiple SEC teams to earn a bowl-game berth with a losing record -- finishing the year at 4-6.

NC State has since drawn the lead to 13-7 with two minutes remaining in the third.