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Video: NFL Head Coach Explodes On Referees After Horrific Penalty Call

Packers coach Mike McCarthy yells at an official.

It is only Week 3, but Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy might already be at the end of his rope when it comes to NFL officiating.

Last week, a ridiculous roughing the passer call on Clay Matthews helped cost the Packers a win. The supposed late hit on Kirk Cousins kept the drive alive for the Minnesota Vikings, who would go on to tie the score. The game ended in a 29-29 tie.

Today, Matthews was called for an equally bad penalty. In fact, this might have been even worse.

Check it out.

After the penalty was called, McCarthy could be seen screaming at an official on the sideline. One of his assistants had to step in and keep him calm.

We really can't blame McCarthy for being upset. That was a horrific call, and it is the second week in a row his team (and Matthews) has been victimized.