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Video: NFL Team's New Ball Security Drill Is Going Viral

NFL logo on football

PHOENIX - JULY 20: A detail view of a football shows the redesigned NFL Shield logo during a photo shoot on July 20, 2008 in Phoenix, Arizona. (Photo by Gene Lower/Getty Images)

If there's a panacea to prevent all fumbling, nobody's found it yet. But one NFL team has come up with a unique way to improve ball security.

Video taken of practice today shared by Philadelphia Eagles insider Chris Franklin shows the team practicing ball security by having players lie on the ground as coaches jab at the ball with boxing gloves on sticks trying to jar the ball free.

Though it wasn't done with the same force that an NFL defender would be using, the situational training has pretty much become a necessity after this past Monday. The Eagles lost a key fumble that swung the entire game after wide receiver Quez Watkins fumbled the ball after getting up off the turf without being ruled down initially.

The clip is going viral with over 25,000 views and 1,000 likes so far. Some are calling it "the Quez drill" for what happened to Watkins in that situation:

"Quez got his very own drill, that’s impressive," one user replied.

"LOL. The Quez Drill," wrote another.

"Whatever gets the job done. I’m just glad we are taking care of it and not ignoring it like other teams do," a third wrote.

As mentioned earlier, if there was a surefire way of stopping fumbles, everyone would be practicing it. But necessity can be the mother of invention sometimes.