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Video Of Sad Ohio State Fan Going Viral

A general view of Ohio State's stadium.

It's far from over in Columbus, but Ohio State fans are starting to feel the pressure down four with Michigan driving and the fourth quarter fast approaching.

The energy in The Shoe is starting to dissipate with each yard gained by the Wolverines' offense.

And no fan embodied that more than this one:

The Buckeyes' defense has given up big play after big play and J.J. McCarthy and the rest of Michigan's passing attack, as Ohio State continues to sell out for the run despite there not being much of one to speak of on UM's end.

Heisman hopeful Blake Corum carried the ball just two times in the beginning of the game before coming out. 

And while McCarthy and running back Donovan Edwards have put forth a great effort to keep chipping away, the Wolverines haven't ripped off one of their typical backbreaking runs just yet.

We're set up for a heck of a finish in this one.