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Video Of "Targeted Attack" Against High School Player Going Viral

high school football field under the lights

Football is a dangerous game and it's made more so by stupid decisions on the field of play. That was the case during a high school football game in Waco early this month.

Although the video didn't get out to the public until now, it has since gone viral very quickly - and the contents are horrific. A Burleson High School football player was "targeted" multiple times during a game on September 13.

According to Fox 4, Jagger Gower was the victim of a "targeted attack" in which he was choked and had his head smashed into the ground repeatedly.

Video of the incident is disturbing.

No. 76 from the video was disqualified for the rest of the game and for the first half of his team's next game. To put it plainly, this player should never be allowed on the football field again, given his actions earlier this month.

Slamming an opponent's head into the ground should immediately result in getting kicked off the team.

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