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Video Of This Insane Little League Play Is Going Viral

Little Leaguer's bat splits in half.

The Little League World Series is well underway. On Saturday afternoon, South Korea and Japan faced off for the right to play the winner of Hawaii and Georgia from the United States side of the bracket.

South Korea escaped with a 2-1 victory. Hawaii took down Georgia by a final score of 3-0.

Hawaii's pitcher, Aukai Kea was dominant during the contest. He struck out 15 batter in just six innings of play - there are only 18 outs available during a six-inning game.

His dominance on the mound was never more on display than when he split an opponent's bat in half. Well, kind of. A Georgia batter swung at a Kea pitch and whiffed.

On his follow-through the bat split in half. Check it out.

It's not easy to split a metal bat in half. This is likely the work of many at-bats and possibly a few slams into the ground on missed pitches.

In the end, Hawaii escaped with the win and will face South Korea in the Little League World Series.