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Video: Punches Thrown In Women's College Basketball Game

Punches were thrown during the TCU vs. GW women's basketball game.

Things got too heated in the George Washington vs. TCU women's college basketball game on Monday night.

TCU forward Bella Cravens got upset with George Washington's Essence Brown on Monday night. Cravens appeared to get upset at a hair pull.

Punches were thrown.

Cravens and Brown fought on the court before getting broken up by their teammates.

"Oh my goodness we just had punches thrown between GW and TCU oh my goodness it’s getting SPICY," one fan wrote.

Eight players ended up getting ejected from the game following the on-floor scrap. 

TCU went on to beat George Washington, 70-58, following the unfortunate on-court fight.

It would not be surprising if this fight leads to some suspensions.