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Video: This Might Be The Most-Hated Umpire In America

The backside of an mlb umpire's head.

(Photo by Getty Images)

The most-hated umpire in America appears to be the man behind home plate during a Triple-A game in Las Vegas on Tuesday night.

A home-plate umpire was mercilessly booed on Tuesday evening for tossing a bat toward's the dugout.

That seems like an odd thing to boo an umpire for, but there were special circumstances.

The Las Vegas 51s have a bat dog named Finn. He's a very good boy who goes out and collects the players' bats.

The ump didn't let Finn do his job on Tuesday night, though.

Check it out:

The crowd, understandably, erupted in boos after the bat toss.

Finn, being the good boy that he is, went and got the bat anyway.