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Video: Wade Baldwin Ejected After "Hostile Act" Towards Grayson Allen

Wade Baldwin and Grayson Allen tied up.

Just two days ago, two former college basketball stars got into an altercation. Grayson Allen of the Utah Jazz and Trae Young of the Atlanta Hawks were both assessed technicals after getting tied up in the third quarter.

Not one to avoid headlines, Grayson Allen is back. But this time, he's not the culprit.

The former Duke star was on the receiving end of a hard foul that led to an ejection. Wade Baldwin of the Portland Trailblazers was ejected after his "hostile act" towards Allen.

Baldwin and Allen tied up off the ball and Baldwin struck Allen near the head, leading to his ejection.

Check it out.

Allen hasn't been in the league long and he's already getting under the skin of a few different NBA players.

Baldwin poured in a game-high 20 points before his ejection. Allen dumped in 16 points, but struggled from the field during the 93-78 loss.

We're sure Allen's name will be featured in plenty more of these moments during the NBA season.