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Watch: Little League Umpire's Terrible Call Is Going Viral

A generic photo of baseballs on a Gatorade towel at the Little League World Series.

SOUTH WILLIAMSPORT, PA - AUGUST 28: Baseballs sit on a ledge during the first inning of the Little League World Series Championship Game between the Mid-Atlantic Team from New York and the Asia-Pacific team from South Korea at Lamade Stadium on August 28, 2016 in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)

Today's Little League matchup between Kentucky and Ohio yielded some eyebrow-raising calls from the home-plate umpire.

On multiple occasions, the lead ump called strikes that were clearly well outside the strike zone.

Fans of the sport are not happy with this performance from the home-plate ump.

"The umpire in the Kentucky vs Ohio Little League WS game is the worst umpire I've ever seen! You can't do that to those kids!!" one fan wrote.

"The umpiring in the Ohio vs Kentucky little league qualifier is an example of what NOT to do as an official have some integrity in your strike zone!" another added.

While this poor officiating is no doubt frustrating to watch, it's important to remember that Little League umpires at the LLWS are volunteers. Umpires don't get paid at any level of the Little League tournament.

The final pitch of the game — a called-strike well left of the plate — ended the contest at 1-0 and sent Kentucky to the championship game in the Great Lakes Region.