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Watch: MLB Pitcher's Awful Underhand Throw Is Going Viral

MLB pitcher makes the worst underhand throw of the 2022 season.

Dylan Coleman is going to want a redo of his terrible underhand throw on Wednesday.

Coleman was pitching to Andrew Velazquez of the Los Angeles Angels when he got a groundball right back to him. He then what looked like an easy throw to first base before he botched it. 

The throw went well over the head of the first baseman Ryan O'Hearn. A run ended up coming in to make it 3-0 for the time being and Velazquez got a triple out of the error. 

Here's the play: 

This is a rare mistake from an MLB pitcher. Usually, this kind of error happens a lot more often in the lower levels of baseball. 

The Angels are currently up 4-0 on the Royals in the bottom of the eighth inning (as of this writing). 

When Coleman gets this kind of ground ball in the future, he likely won't make the same mistake twice.