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Watch: Patrick Mahomes Not Happy With Chiefs Wide Receiver

Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes not happy.


Patrick Mahomes doesn't get upset with his wide receivers very often, but it happened on Sunday night.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback threw an interception toward the end of the first half in Las Vegas. The interception was Mahomes' first of the game, though it didn't appear to be his fault.

Mahomes and Chiefs wide receiver Demarcus Robinson appeared to have some miscommunication on the play. Mahomes wanted Robinson to come back to the football, while Robinson moved toward the goal line.

The result: Mahomes' first interception of the game. Mahomes was not happy with Robinson following the play. He made it clear that the Chiefs wide receiver messed up.

NFL fans were pretty surprised to see Mahomes and the Chiefs' offense make a mistake like this. Others were surprised to see Mahomes show up his wide receiver. "Mahomes, you need to realize Robinson is costing you and go elsewhere which the football," FOX analyst Shannon Sharpe tweeted.

"First time I've seen Mahomes publicly show up one of his receivers after he threw that interception, waving for him to come back for the throw," Skip Bayless added.

The Chiefs trail the Raiders, 17-14, at halftime.

Mahomes threw for 145 yards, one touchdown and one interception in the first half. The game is airing on NBC.