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What The 12-Team College Football Playoff Would Look Like This Year

National Championship trophy College Football Playoff

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA - JANUARY 10: The National Championship trophy is displayed after the Georgia Bulldogs defeated the Alabama Crimson Tide 33-18 in the 2022 CFP National Championship Game at Lucas Oil Stadium on January 10, 2022 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

The 12-team playoff in college football is coming, but it's not here just yet. If it was, however, Ross Dellenger gave us a look at what this year's bracket would look like.

Per the CFB writer:

"Using the final rankings, here's how an expanded playoff would look via the adopted format that’ll begin in 2024: ... Reminders: (1) 6 highest-ranked champs get AQs, (2) next 6 highest-ranked teams get At-Larges, (3) byes to top 4 conference champs, (4) 1st round at better seed."

Fans reacted to the playoff's alternate reality over the weekend.

"Yeah this is jacked up," a user replied.

"This would be so much better," another said. "Can’t wait for 24."

"Cannot wait for 2024+."

"Give me this now!!!" another fan tweeted. "Play a team we beat yearly; a down Clemson & then a Michigan rematch or a weaker Bama team. Sign me up."

"The expanded playoff would’ve rewarded Georgia’s regular season success much more than the current format," an UGA reporter commented.

Just two years away...