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What Tua Tagovailoa Reportedly Asked After Dolphins Game

NFL fans of every fanbase are hoping that Miami Dolphins QB Tua Tagovailoa makes a full recovery from the severe concussion he suffered against the Cincinnati Bengals last night. 

Tagovailoa apparently had an interesting question when he was physically able to talk to his head coach again though. Speaking to the media on Friday, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel revealed that Tagovailoa asked him when he can play again.

McDaniel asserted that he told Tagovailoa not to worry about that for the time being. He said he told Tagovailoa to worry about his own health first.

"'Stop this right now. Don't even think about a game. ... Let's worry about you and your head and being a healthy human being. We'll worry about playing football later,'" McDaniel said.

But NFL fans aren't buying it.

"HC should have acted 24 hours ago, what he’s now saying," one user replied.

"That crap would have been good to say on Monday! Not Friday after his 2nd concussion in 5 days," wrote another.

"This conversation would have been better if it took place last Sunday," a third said.

Suffice it to say, there probably isn't anything Mike McDaniel can say right now that's going to convince people that he did everything right in handling Tua Tagovailoa's injury situation.

We can only hope that the Dolphins learn from the situation and avoid letting something catastrophic happen.