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Video: Will Smith, Chris Rock Oscars Fight Is Going Viral

Will Smith at The Oscars

What just happened between Will Smith and Chris Rock at The Oscars on Sunday night?

No one seems to know for sure, but something appeared to happen between the two legendary celebrities on Sunday night.

Smith appeared to hit Rock, perhaps as part of a joke, but things escalated from there, with the audio from the broadcast getting cut off.

In one clip, Smith appeared to be heard telling Rock to "keep my wife's name out of your f---king mouth."

Was it staged? Was it real? Everyone on social media, including several sports stars, are pretty stunned and eager to find out what really happened.

Here's the full clip:

Former NFL star turned college football head coach Deion Sanders also weighed in.

"Did I just see what I just saw! Will Smith punched Chris Rock live on stage !!! Somebody tell me this was a joke. Please. Chris took it like a STANDUP GUY LITERALLY!!! WOW WOW WOW! Lord help us please help us Love each other especially in front of company. #CoachPrime," he tweeted.

The Oscars have been hurting for ratings in recent years, so maybe Smith and Rock agreed to do something to up the attention. If it was staged, it certainly worked. Social media can't stop talking about the moment right now. And, if it was real, well, we would like to know a lot more about it. UPDATE: This appears to be real. Here's the uncensored video of what happened between Smith and Rock.