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WWE Legend Hulk Hogan Announces His Divorce

A closeup of Hulk Hogan.

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - NOVEMBER 18: Hulk Hogan addresses the audience during a press conference for 'Hulkamania - Let The Battle Begin' at Star City on November 18, 2009 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

WWE legend Hulk Hogan took to social media to confirm the rumors regarding his relationship with his second wife, Jennifer McDaniel.

"Yo Maniacs just for the record, the Facebook and Instagram posts are of me and my girlfriend Sky, I am officially divorced, sorry I thought everyone already knew, love my Maniacs4Life," the 2x WWE Hall of Famer announced on social media on Monday, via TMZ Sports.

Fans began spotting Hulk Hogan with another woman several weeks ago. That led to questions about his marriage to his second wife, Jennifer. Per TMZ, Hulk filed for divorce in Oct. of 2021, which was later finalized. The two had been married since 2010.

In other Hulk Hogan news, a new challenger has come calling.

Shane McMahon appears to have challenged Hulk to a future match.

"Walking in the hallway @TheGarden with my 3 sons for the @NYRangers game and passed this. Made me think…@HulkHogan, got one more in ya?," McMahon said, via Wrestling Inc.

Hogan, of course, hasn't wrestled in the WWE since SummerSlam 2006.