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Sports World Reacts To Insane College Baseball Video

Shocking college baseball tackle

We've seen some wild on-field altercations in baseball, but nothing quite like what happened in a junior college matchup in Texas today.

In the top of the sixth inning of today's game between North Central Texas College and Weatherford, NCTC's Josh Phillips blasted a go-ahead home run. Apparently, the Weatherford pitcher who surrendered the bomb was quite unhappy.

So unhappy, in fact, that he speared Phillips as he rounded third, igniting a minor bench-clearing fracas. Honestly, we're stunned that the fight wasn't markedly worse.

Incredibly, the game continued on as normal after this. While the action resumed, the internet was abuzz with commentary on what took place.

Hopefully the rest of the game went without incident. We'd wager that the Weatherford hurler is going to face some type of suspension for his blindside hit.

He's also lucky that the NCTC players who spilled out of the dugout didn't rough him up worse than they did.