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Video: Couple's Weight Lifting-Themed Gender Reveal Going Viral

Couple weight lifting gender reveal.


Viral gender reveal videos aren't going away.

Over the past couple of years, elaborate gender reveals have become a thing. Or, maybe they've always been a thing, and social media is just giving them a platform. It feels more like the former is true, but regardless, they are impossible to avoid on social media.

Sports-themed gender reveals have become very popular. Usually, the mother-to-be throws some kind of blue/pink-filled ball at the father-to-be, who smashes the ball with a bat (or, in some cases, misses it and goes viral), revealing the baby's gender. We've also seen golf-themed reveals, where the happy couple smashes a golf ball into oblivion, revealing the gender.

We had not seen a weight lifting-themed gender reveal...until today. A video of a happy couple's cross fit-themed gender reveal is going viral on social media.

Barstool Sports shared the viral video on Instagram.

"This baby is coming out of the womb telling everyone he does CrossFit," they joked on social media.

Gender reveal videos are often over the top, but credit to this couple for doing something we haven't seen before.

They should probably give it a couple of years before getting the baby involved in the weight lifting, though.