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Video: Aggies Were Asked "Who's The Coolest Player On Texas A&M?" And Nobody Said Johnny Manziel

Not a cool kid.

Throughout the season, Texas A&M has been producing a fantastic 'Ask The Aggies' video series designed to show fans the fun side of many players on the football team. Each week, a number of players are asked an interesting question, such as which celebrities they would like to party with or the most interesting food they have ever eaten.

Yesterday, the school released another entertaining video, asking players which of their teammates were the coolest. Their answers were pretty amusing:

Popular answers were Clay Honeycutt, Toney Hurd Jr., and Cedric Ogbuehi, among others. Teammates were clowning them for "thinking they were cool" -- all in good fun of course. One player who was never mentioned, however, was Johnny Manziel. I guess having a Heisman and getting all of the party invitations isn't enough to make you one of the cool Aggies.

In all seriousness, this is just another example of how Manziel fits in with his teammates and isn't necessarily the prima donna in real life that everyone makes him out to be -- he's not even a "cool kid" on his own team.