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Video: Bill Simmons Perfectly Trolls ESPN's Stephen A. Smith, "First Take"

Bill Simmons fired another not-so-subtle shot at his former employer today. 

The 46-year-old sportswriter posted the following video on Faceook this afternoon, pretty clearly trolling ESPN's Stephen A. Smith. 

Smith is talking about former Philadelphia 76ers' GM Sam Hinkie, who stepped down yesterday. 

"If you stink up the joint on purpose for years, what the hell do you expect to come from it?" Smith asks about Hinkie, who had Philadelphia tank on purpose. "Who gets away with that?" 

Simmons hilariously interjects with "Yeah!" and "Nobody!" Those are obviously sarcastic comments, as Simmons is pointing out the irony of someone like Smith, an "embrace debate" blowhard, asking how someone can "stink up the joint" and keeping their job.

Here's the video.