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Video: Bo Pelini Smashes A Player's Phone, Throws Fit In Awesome Team Prank


This is absolutely wonderful. Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini decided to pull an incredible prank on his team last week. He planted a cell phone with 5th-year Thad Randle (who was in on the trick), and had one of his staff members call the phone during a team meeting. When the phone went off, Pelini intentionally threw a fit and even smashed the phone with a hammer, much to the shock of the rest of the team members.

He then stormed out of the meeting room and pretend to berate Randle in the hall. While the rest of the team was sitting uneasily in the room, the message "Got ya!" popped up on the projector screen, and the players found out they were getting treated to a movie night instead of a second practice. Their reaction was priceless -- check out the video via Nebraska athletics:

We're not really sure how the whole phone prank even connects with a movie night, but it was still executed very well. Nice work, coach.

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