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Video: Bowling Green's D.J. Lynch Throws Numerous Punches On Kickoff Return, No Ejection Follows

Not cool.

Bowling Green and Pittsburgh are currently all tied up, 17-17, in the Little Caesars Bowl in Detroit. Of course, both teams really want to come away with a victory to end their season on a high note, and you can see the fire and intensity that the players are performing with.

Unfortunately, things got a little too intense on BGSU's 94-yard kickoff return that tied the game. Falcon D.J. Lynch was caught throwing numerous vicious punches at Pitt's Manasseh Garner as he laid on the ground, and of course, he was flagged for a personal foul. Inexplicably, Pitt was also flagged on the play, and the BGSU touchdown was upheld, even though the punches were clearly thrown during the play: