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Video: Brooklyn Net Mason Plumlee Does Funny Interview With Brother Marshall At Duke

Brotherly love.

The Brooklyn Nets were looking to mix things up for training camp this year, and GM Billy King had an interesting suggestion -- the Nets should go down to Durham. King, of course, is a Duke alumnus, and there aren't many places more revered for their basketball culture than Duke. Not to mention, with Mike Krzyzewski running the show, it seemed like a perfect place for the Nets to pick up a little extra basketball knowledge before the season.

The Nets opened camp at the university several days ago, which also marked a return to Duke for Mason Plumlee, who was drafted by Brooklyn this summer. While back in Durham, Mason was lucky enough to be interviewed by his brother Marshall, which turned out to be pretty funny. Here's the interview, via DukeBluePlanet:

I agree, Kevin Garnett is probably just a bit more intimidating.