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Video: Cam McDaniel Claims He Watched 'Zoolander' The Night Before His Famous "Modeling" Photo Went Viral

What a coincidence.

Last week, Fighting Irish running back Cam McDaniel cemented himself into Internet lore when the below photo, taken during Notre Dame's game against USC, went viral. As you can see, McDaniel lost his helmet mid-play, yet still somehow looked like he was posing for GQ.

Fans immediately made the connection to the movie Zoolander - because, well, anytime anyone mentions anything to do with male modeling, that's what comes to mind. Today, we learned that in a strange coincidence, McDaniel was actually watching the movie the night before the picture went viral. Rachel Terlep took video of McDaniel's teammate, Troy Niklas, asking him about the look. He also compared it to "Blue Steel."

Pretty funny stuff. Maybe he'll make a cameo in 'Zoolander 2'. You never know...