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Video: Florida State Has Already Received, Celebrated With ACC Atlantic Trophy

Season nowhere near over.

It's fair to assume, at this point, that the Florida State Seminoles have not achieved what they're ultimately capable of this season. The Noles sit at No. 2 in the BCS standings, and assuming they don't lose a game the rest of the season, the team should find itself playing for the ultimate prize on January 6th - a BCS National Championship. But the first step towards that goal has been reached - FSU has already won its division in the ACC. While the team still has three games left on its schedule, two are non-conference matchups, and a loss to Syracuse (doubtful anyway) wouldn't be enough to knock it from the top spot.

In fact, the league has already awarded the trophy to Jimbo Fisher and his players - check out the below celebration video released today, via 

While Fisher and his guys are certainly excited about the achievement, you can tell that they still feel that there is unfinished business this year. We'll find out in a few weeks if the Noles will have a chance to play for it all.