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Video: Florida's Players Sing "I Want It That Way" At Will Muschamp's House

Building team camaraderie isn't just done on the actual football field. Coaches employ a number of different methods each preseason to try and get their players to come together and act as a unit. Florida's Will Muschamp pulled an old trick out Wednesday night. 

Muschamp invited his entire team over for a party at his house, where a karaoke machine was waiting. We're not sure if he owns it (we hope so) or he was just renting it, but either way, it looks like his players had a blast. As you'll see below, they couldn't resist singing a Backstreet Boys song.

Let's just hope they're better on the field this year than they were singing. All kidding aside, this kind of thing can go a long way when it comes to building team chemistry.