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Video: Fran McCaffrey Throws Tantrum, Costs Team 4 Points In 4-Point Game

Fran can't keep his cool.

The Iowa Hawkeyes were up two points on undefeated Wisconsin when head coach Fran McCaffery went absolutely crazy on the sideline. McCaffery began arguing with officials after a foul call under the basket, and was given a double technical and ejected after making contact with an official. At one point he had to be restrained by his assistant coaches during his tirade.

The foul came at an awful time for Iowa, as Wisconsin knocked down all four awarded free throws and took the lead. Wisconsin would go on to win by, you guessed it, four points, 75-71. This isn't McCaffery's first outburst. He slammed a chair at Michigan State after being called for a technical in 2012. In 2006, as the head coach at Siena, he and his wife Margaret were both ejected from a game against Hofstra for criticizing the officials.

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