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Video: Guinness' Newest "The Choices We Make" Ad Featuring Biathletes Tracy And Lanny Barnes Is Fantastic

Very cool.

Update: Oddly enough, the video has been banned -- at least until February 26th -- due to Olympic advertising rules. You can still, however, view it below.

Earlier: Back in September, Guinness debuted a phenomenal beer ad with the message "the choices we make reveal the true nature of our character." The ad showcased a group of men playing wheelchair basketball, and the twist at the end was that only one them actually needed the wheelchair -- the rest joined him because that's what friendship is all about.

Yesterday, the company released a new ad for the same series, this time telling the story of biathlete twin sisters Tracy and Lanny Barnes. While not quite as brilliant as the first (that one is one of the best commercials out there), it's still quite an inspirational ad. Lanny and Tracy both have been competing as biathletes for 15 years, and after Lanny fell ill before the final Olympic qualifier, only Tracy qualified for this year's games in Sochi. While Tracy was incredibly proud of her accomplishment, she decided to let Lanny take her spot in the Olympic games -- try not to tear up watching this: