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Video: High School Player Hits 80-Foot Shot To Win State Sectional

Sometimes in life, you need a miracle. For McCutcheon High School’s basketball team, it came in the form of an 80-foot heave.

McCutcheon led the entire game, taking a 47-31 lead with 6:35 to play. But its opponent, Logansport, turned it on late and scored 16 straight points to tie the game at 47-47. The game, eventually tied at 53-53 after the teams traded baskets, came down to one final possession for Logansport. Or so they thought.

Logansport’s Antonio Penny air-balled a potential game-winning shot, right into the hands of McCutcheon’s Tre’Shon Heard. As they say, the rest is history. McCutcheon escaped with a 56-53 victory.

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