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Video: High School Team Wins State Title On Craziest Buzzer-Beater You May Ever See

Both teams thought they'd won.

We show crazy buzzer-beaters all the time here at CS. But this one involved two turnovers, two celebrations and one state title.

New Rochelle trailed 60-58 with just under three seconds to play against Mount Vernon - it had time for an inbounds pass along its own baseline and a heave towards the basket, or so it seemed.

The inbounds pass was tipped and intercepted by Mount Vernon. In an attempt to run the clock out, the player who caught the ball simply lofted it into the air.

But Khalil Edney, the New Rochelle player who had thrown the inbounds pass, intercepted the lob and in one motion chucked it towards the basket from 80 feet away. Amazingly, it went in. But did it leave his hand in time?

While Mount Vernon celebrated what it thought was a victory, the refs huddled to make the call. Without replay in high school, they were forced to make a decision right then and there for the state title. And in the end, they ruled it was good. Mayhem ensued.