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Video: Kansas State's Bill Snyder Tried To Run Away From The Gatorade Bath, But Failed

Good job, good effort.

Last night, the Kansas State Wildcats finished off their season in strong fashion, beating the Michigan Wolverines 31-14 in the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl. The win was the sixth in the Wildcats' past seventh games, and a great way to cap off a year that looked like it was headed in the wrong direction after the first few weeks of the season.

Late in the fourth quarter, when the game was clearly in hand, several Kansas State players were looking to give head coach Bill Snyder (one of our favorite coaches) the obligatory Gatorade bath...except he saw it coming and tried to run away. But the players wouldn't be denied their fun, and chased him until he finally gave in -- it was very amusing.

Here's a funny clip of Snyder's getaway scamper attempt, via's Max Olson: